The Amhoist Model AM77EF mooring winch is a double-drum winch designed specially for offshore anchoring/mooring application. It is designed to spool 4034 feet (1230 metres) of 1 ½ inch (38mm) diameter wire rope on each drum. Powered by a 250 horsepower Cummins 6CTA8.3C diesel engine driving through a Twin Disc 10,000/340 torque converter, it can exert over 153,645 lbs of pull on the bare drum at stall. An air-actuated dog has a holding power of 228,002 lbs at mid-drum of 1 ½ inch (38mm) wire rope. A spring-set air-release drum brake is provided. The winch has a static brake power of 153,645 lbs on the first layer. As an option, a remote control consoles are also available.

Mooring Winches 

The Amhoist Model AM77EF is a Heavy-duty air-controlled winch which is designed for offshore anchoring/mooring applications. These self-contained rugged Winches offer operating reliability plus ease of maintenance.

The standard Amhoist AM77EF is a double drum waterfall configuration winch. As an option, a reverse lead fleeting sheaves on the winch bed are also available.

An engine-driven air compressor, air tank, stand-up local console, and diesel fuel tank are furnished as standard equipment on Model AM77EF. The gears and clutches are heavily guarded to protect personnel and equipment.

Technical Specifications
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