E-Crane Equilibrium
Material handling cranes
A truly revolutionary, multi-functional crane for heavy material handling application. Designed for bulk material handling, storage and process feeding at ports, harbours, scrap processing facilities and where high production handling of bulk material is required.

Scrap Handling 

The equilibrium crane, more easily referred to as the E-Crane®, is a truly revolutionary and multi-functional crane for heavy-duty material handling, storage, process feeding at ports, harbors, scrap-processing facilities, anywhere high production handling of bulk materials is required, the E-Crane® is especially well suited for heavy-duty production cycles and difficult working conditions.

The E-Crane® features an unprecedented reach of up to 45 meters, lifting capacities of over 40 tons, push down force equal to 50% of the rated capacity, and significantly reduced power consumption and operating costs.

Technical Specifications
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