Marine cranes & winches
A renown name in the offshore industry, Hydralift AmClyde provides the world's broadest and most comprehensive range of crane solutions and mooring winches of both standard-design equipment as well as specialty equipment to fit unique applications per customer specifications.

Mooring Systems 
Mooring is station-keeping for floating vessels. Amclyde has equipment for mooring systems that fall into the following categories.

•  Active Positioning
•  Long Term Position Keeping

Primary Markets:

•  Offshore Drilling
•  Floating Production
•  Pipelay Vessels and Specialty Winches
•  Offshore Construction
•  Ports and Shipyard Utilization
•  Stevedoring Industry

Equipment List:

•  Rotary Winches
•  Traction Winches
•  Linear Winches
•  Combination Systems
•  Chain Windlasses
•  Rotary & Linear Chain Jacks
•  Rotary Fairleads
•  Bending Shoe Fairleads
•  Deck & Rig Sheaves

Technical Specifications
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