Marine cranes & winches
A renown name in the offshore industry, Hydralift AmClyde provides the world's broadest and most comprehensive range of crane solutions and mooring winches of both standard-design equipment as well as specialty equipment to fit unique applications per customer specifications.


Amclyde provides the world’s broadest and most comprehensive range of crane solutions, with product types purpose-built for all segments of the oil and gas industry as well as many other markets. The company encompasses a stellar collection of brand names with international respect, and includes the largest group of engineers in the industry specializing in the design of cranes and related equipment.

AmClyde and Unit Crane have a distinguished history of technical innovation and customer satisfaction. Amclyde provides a broad base of experience and a seasoned management team with a proven track record to complement advanced design solutions.

The product range extends from the smallest cargo-handling cranes to the world’s largest super marine cranes, and virtually every product type in between. In all, Amclyde provides over twenty crane product lines that include standard model configurations as well as custom-engineered and specialty cranes.

Technical Specifications
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