Marine cranes & winches
A renown name in the offshore industry, Hydralift AmClyde provides the world's broadest and most comprehensive range of crane solutions and mooring winches of both standard-design equipment as well as specialty equipment to fit unique applications per customer specifications.

Pipelay Systems 

Amclyde provides pipelay systems for rigid and flexible pipes, tube & hose umbilicals, power cables and other products. Each system can be designed specifically for the product or vessel.

Pipelay systems can be J-Lay utilizing a ramp or S-Lay with a stinger, and the product can be stored on a reel, in a carousel or as lengths on the deck.

A Pipelay System with vertical reel, piggyback reel and fleeting ramp (1st image).

The ramp is designed to fleet over the width of the reel allowing product to be spooled on/off accurately.

The ramp can operate from 20 - 90° allowing product to be laid in both shallow and deep water.

The ramp and reel are modular and can be lifted to/from the vessel in a single lift allowing the complete system to be mobbed/de-mobbed within 48 hours.

The system is shown spooling 8”NB pipe on to the reel.

A Pipelay System with horizontal reel, spooling system and fixed position ramp (2nd image).

The spooling system maintains the tension at the reel to keep the product tightly packed.

The system is shown laying 6” flexible pipe.

Main Features

•  The lay system can be designed to handle standard offshore products or special one-off materials.
•  Capacity of the system can be tailored to the vessel size or the installation requirements.
•  Systems can be provided as modular for vessels of convenience or as permanent equipment installations.
•  Regenerated power can be supplied back into the vessels power system to reduce operating costs.

Whatever your pipelay requirements, Amclyde can provide the solution for you. With many years experience in large turnkey projects, they have the engineering expertise and project management skills to ensure you get the right product on schedule. This expertise, supported by their extensive service and after-sales network ensures total confidence in your equipment.

Technical Specifications
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