The Biggest and the Heaviest 3000 ton Post Crane Boom Built in our Yard
Posted : 4/30/2009

On the 8th April, 2009, American Equipment marked its historic milestone with our client in completing one of the biggest and the heaviest crane boom ever built in Singapore at 2A Pioneer Sector 1, Jurong.

We are contracted to build a 94 metres length by 11.9 metres wide crane boom which weigh a total of 452 metric tons. This special custom design heavy duty boom which is classed to ABS will be attach to a post crane with a capacity of 3,000 tonnes. Several of such similar project has been undertaken in the past of capacity ranging from 750 tonnes to 1200 tonnes in our facilities.  With more than 32 years in this industry, our team of skilful engineering professional take on this project. This marine post crane concept design will be mounted on an offshore construction barge. The contract to build the boom started from the first cutting of steel plates in May, 2008 till the completion in April, 2009 which took eleven months of successful time to complete it ahead of schedule.
American Equipment is a leading offshore integrated support service provider specializing in structure fabrication and supply of marine cranes and mooring winches. Our project management service along with our manufacturing facilities provide customers with turnkey solution that improve their overall economics.  We are pleased with our high standard of quality on our finished product in the offshore construction market.

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